CrannMor Forest Farm

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement nature-based solutions at scale through regenerative agriculture and agroforestry.

The Farm

With CrannMor Advisors, LLC, as farm manager, and backed by the expertise of Mark Shepard, the author of Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers and Water for Any Farm: Applying Restoration Agriculture Water Management Methods on Your Farm, CrannMor Forest Farm, LLC acquired 173 acres of farmland in Seward, New York, at the end of calendar year 2021. Capital for CrannMor Forest Farm was raised pursuant to a private offering using Rule 506(c) of Regulation D, in which qualified persons who were accredited investors participated.

The Vision

On this inaugural farm property, CrannMor Advisors, LLC will launch its vision for a novel and innovative farm model, founded on agroforestry and other nature-based solutions, with the goal of leveraging commercial viability and success to drive adaptation and scaling of sustainable and regenerative farming practices that aim to sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, produce nutrient-dense food and promote soil health.

Mark and Johann surveying the land (January 6, 2022)

The Regenerative Agriculture

CrannMor Forest Farm’s regenerative agriculture model will emphasize the following priorities:

  • Establishment of a chestnut and hazelnut perennial crop system, with the size and scale of the acquired property, as the primary enterprise, through regenerative agroforestry practices that strive for nature-based solutions;
  • Proving the potential efficiency and productivity of nature-based solutions to achieve profitability in practice, thereby demonstrating economic viability to scale the potential environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture, including carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity and improved soil health;
  • Proving the potential transformative power of nature-based solutions, from both an agricultural and economic perspective, by seeking to leverage the ecological resiliency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of regenerative agriculture in geographic areas where physical land features have proven more challenging for conventional farming to the detriment of the local economy;
  • Following the five principles of soil health of limited disturbance, soil cover, plant and animal diversity, maintenance of living roots, and integrated livestock; and
  • Using the CrannMor farm model as a training ground for the next-generation farmer to develop expertise in regenerative agricultural practices and nature-based solutions.
Kevin and Jisoo with flags and string (January 6, 2022)

Our Company In Depth

Our vision is to leverage the productivity and efficiency of regenerative agriculture practices to implement nature based solutions while generating business success through agroforestry: perennial crop agriculture that leverages natural systems through the intelligent design of a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem.